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Internship at Loulou & Tummie 

Working with and being inspired by fresh talented designers is great and we love sharing our knowledge with them. Every now and then we are happy that we can offer an internship at our small studio. During that period we are very open and will gladly share everything we know. We will always try and let interns work together with us on projects but keep in mind that we are a small, two-person studio and so our time and availability can be limited. This means that a lot of the time interns should be able to work on their own projects. Don't get us wrong, we won't be ignoring you... quite the contrary, we will help and share insights wherever we can. 

If you'd like to apply for an internship with us keep in mind that we can't take on each student. We are looking for someone that can think and work on a HBO/ ART SCHOOL/ ACADEMIC or UNIVERSITY level. We do make exceptions though if you are an enthusiastic and most of all independent student that can think, act and work on her or his own. 


One of the most important things we look at when going through an application is of course the portfolio. We look for original, fun and to some extent professional designs. We also love looking at sketches or roughs because they often show someones skills. It's not a require- ment though. Overall we are just looking for some professionalism and a bit of skills with vector graphics. 

Hopefully you recognize yourself in any of this this.


Thank you,
Laurens & Chantal 



  • Read and speak english well. (Of Nederlands)

  • Being an independent student. (HBO/ ACADEMIC level)

  • Know your way around Adobe Illustrator.

  • Have some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

  • Animation skills would be cool but not a must.

  • Able to work on your own project(s).

  • But don't let any of this put you down. If you think you are a good addition to our studio, we'd love to see your work :) 


- Send us a mail with at least some examples of your work included. (Try to keep it below 5mb): 

Or if you'd like to send us snail mail you can find the address below or on our website. 

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