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UF:Oko  [04]

UF:Oko [04]



Wooden figure with a glass dome.
100% hand made by Loulou.

Each figure is unique.

Size: 12cm wide and 14cm high.
Materials: Padauk, Linden, Wenge, Beech wood, glue and glass*


If you want to see how these are made you can check out Loulous Woodshop on Instagram:



* Please note that these objects are hand made out of natural wood. Wood can discolour and some light shrinking or swelling may occur over time. We take great care in finishing the objects as perfect as we can but small imperfections might be(come) visible. There is a small chance that parts slightly bend or show small cracks. We do our best to prevent this but we can not guarantee it won't happen. The wood is finished with non toxic wax to protect it. It is not a toy. Always handle with care. Keep it inside and dry. Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

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